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The Xmas Spirit needed after your lunch would have to be out of aThree Maker's Mark Bottle to finish an excellent Xmas day


xmas day to me is a great time with family and friends, having a good chat about what happening with each other, a few drinkies, nice meal and fitting in a power nap in there somewhere prob afternoon and then back into again lol

Oh yea power nap for sure .This is my third xmas in a row on call and so far both previous xmas eve nights ive been out working into xmas day.hopefully due for a break this year......

I'm pretty much the same always working on or right up to the xmas and most of the other holidays so yes it is always a good idea to take a well needed break and awesome power naps throughout the festive season lol


Christmas for us is all about family.....plus a nice cold ale in the afternoon sun!!!


Lots of Bubbly makes for a very happy Christmas day!!


Good time to break out the bubbly and celebrate being together as a family another year on down the track and toast absent friends and family!


It's always been about the beach. I LOVED white christmases in the USA, but nothing like swimming in the ocean with half of the country. Or, even better, in another country...


Awesome time to spend with family and friends and feel thankful for how lucky we are. Good to get into the spirit, especially for the kiddies.


We usually start with a champagne breakfast, move on to other wines, then beer, then punch, then whisky and such to chill out with later on. I'm in charge of punch this year! Mwahahahaahhaha...


Relaxation and getting through the other side of Xmas safely is more important to me...:)


Xmas for me is about spending time with the ones you love - call me old fashioned!


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