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XBox Kinect Would Make A Great Giveaway

Hey GF an X-Box 360 with that Kinect Sports package advertised would make a great competition prize. Any chance us hustling up a sponsor for that one.
Oh well the price has been coming down slowly over the last 6 months.

Why is it called Xbox 360? Because it needs 360 degrees free space to play Kinect or similar Games.


I would definitely go in for one of those, i'd get the latest batman game and play it in my underwear all day everyday.


Yeah that would be awesome. Nice picture by the way...


No way is Xbox kinect anywhere near as good as PS3. PS3 has far more to offer gamewise or any other wise. Go PS3


Comparing Xbox Kinect with PS3 is like comparing Night with Day, Comparing just the Xbox 360 against the PS3 makes far more sense, and Xbox Kinect against PS3 Move. PS3 is by far my preferred "Gaming" Console, Xbox Kinect however is the best interactive software between, the Move, Kinect and Wii by far!

The interactive package would best suit my family at this stage, so the XBOX 360 would be first choice for me.
Haven't got enough time to sit down for gaming, people always want you to help them with something. My recreation time if any is playing pool in the Man's Shed.


We have/had an xBox 360 Kinect but after a few months got the red eye of death and had to ship it off. It's been a week and they haven't acknowledged that it's even in the mail let alone that they've received it. Can't say I'm recommending it at the moment. Also had problems with my daughters Nintendo DSi which is also off being 'repaired' or something. THat's been gone for over a week and no word about what's happening. Also got a longboard for Xmas with a piece missing. Haven't heard back from that company either. Whatever happened to customer service.


I'm afraid that everything is shiny on the outside and a box of trix on the inside. With the number of consumer electronics we buy now its a matter of cross the fingers and hope. Although the reliability is probably 99.something% we expect perfection and no matter if you purchase extended warranties its always a hassle or an inconvenience to go thru the process and experience the downtime. That an XBox Kinect would make a good giveaway goes without saying but like the PS3 last year the number is limited so very difficult to snaffle, I like to see multiple prizes and nicely spread around the GF faithful and deserving.

Really? 99%? I know xBox had a problem that affected a ton of machines a few years ago, like 40% or some crazy number, but I'd assume they fixed it. I have always used Apple computers and the last 3 batteries I've had have been faulty (though they are made by sony). I really seem to have very bad luck with electronic things, to the point where I have honestly wondered if I'm radioactive or something.


I agree as we brought one of these for our son for xmas last year, they are great for entertaining for all ages. We had it set up at xmas and everyone had a go throughout the day. It made our day very entertained that's for sure. It's a great way for family to spend together on a wet day. Better than sitting at the end of a controller, this way you can get up off the couch and participate. I sure got a hell of a workout like when i am at one of my gym classes.

It's exhausting!! People come over and we ask them to play and they are quite embarrassed when they find out how tired they are after a few games.

I love it!! Haha.


That's exactly what I have been waiting for.....kind iof like you read my mind BadJoker. I am looking forward to play Batman Arkham City. It would be a great giveaway here on GF.


yes it is awesome, kinect is so much fun to play and is suitable for all ages... would definitely make a great prize! :P

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