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Would you wear mantyhouse?

I heard on the radio that a hot new fashion trend for men is pantyhose or mantyhouse. WTF? Here's what the internet says... wearing them is great way to decorate the male legs, to provide warmth, comfort and additional performance.... Now call me a no class bogan but decorative tights for men? I can see Badjoker busting out a pair with a pretty pattern to make him and his legs look suave (hehehehe). Personally I draw the line at wearing "Skins" type compression sports wear but only before-during-after training or games. So lets be honest. Would you wear mantyhouse (don't include the sports related clothing) ?


lol i have in the past kept me legs warm this was before i moved onto themals


It's not actually a new thing. A lot of men wear pantyhose under their suits and such, have for years. I don't understand it, I hate pantyhose under trousers.

not new? is this a Jaffaland trend? Never heard or seen it with my mates? most blokes would just chuck on some trackies....or maybe they just haven't told me they bust them out!

by the way why do they wear them under suits?

Just ask wikipedia! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantyhose_for_men

Fiona (if you were single) , would you date a man who wore pantyhouse?

It would suck if his legs looked better than yours!

That's a good question. I almost married a man who wore tights (trapeze artist), and I've certainly been attracted to men who wear skirts (kilts or sarongs), so I'm all for making a statement and/or feeling comfortable, but they would have to be really trendy mantihose for me to not laugh uncontrollably. I realise there's not much difference than wearing long bike shorts under shorts... but yeah, still, I'd find pantihose under pants a little odd...


Barnes10, I think wearing mantyhouse would be like booty calls with Susan Boyle. Good for you but something that you wouldn't tell your mates about. :)


Ummmmmmm.....Really Guys?Wouldn't wearing them be itchy?


I understand wearing tights or thermals under pants to keep legs warm... but mantyhouse?? uhh no its a complete turn off for me. I dislike hairs poking through tights or undies...besides doesnt the junk n trunk get squashed? I understand though that some males do have a pantyhose fetish.


Over a few beers last night I asked my mates if they would wear pantyhouse. Apart from skins clothing they said no however a couple would be keen try wear the Mrs panties! SAD! A G-Banger would be tough on the "2 veg". hehehehehehehehehe


thankfully i never knew these existed. . till now . . . i must go wash my eyeballs with washing soda

...lmao...you and me both!


Surely this would never catch on in New Zealand. If I wore some mantyhose I would never hear the end of it from my mates. I don't think men should wear tight clothing apart from a wetsuit! I'd rather get hypothermia than wear man tights.


Geez guys where are we going with this one. Time to back up a tad, lol

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