Discussing :: why do men wear skinny jeans?


Just another fad. It'll die down soon. Blame the Metros for this! Haha!


It's a personal choice, I'm not stick thin but at the same time I haven't got the thunder thighs either. I used to wear skinny jeans and still have a pair but damn, they tight.
If you're not comfortable in what you wear, you're not gona exude that confidence that women really find sexy.


I am in my 40s now & still wear 28" skinny jeans... the only embarrassing photos I have are my early/mid 20s(mid 90s) baggy skate jean phase.. lucky no pics exist of mid late 90s cargo pant era! I always rip my knees out skating in them though


So they can attract large monsters.


They want to bring back the 80's?


I think that for some reason, the idea that men should look more feminine has overtaken fashion.

After the explosion of hip hop and metal/grunge. White kids were looking for a style that didnt put them into a genre.
Somehow that meant loose pastel shirts with plunging Vee necks. Skinny womans jeans and flimsy sand shoes with a woolen hat perched on the head allowing a fringe to poke out.

Stupidity.. especially when a fat man is wearing skinny jeans that becomes Non Skinny jeans. Their legs look like chicken drumsticks.

How about wearing clothes that are practical. clothes that you can run in if you need to, Clothes that can actually have things put into pockets.

Mens clothing should not be moving into feminine styles. Whats next.

Summer dresses because its floaty and feels nice against the skin..


Perhaps young men think it acts as birth control. Tight clothing will affect the production of sperm, but a condom would be easier, and more reliable. Tight pants can lead to long term infertility, and impotence. Sure you may be the lucky one, but why chance it in the name of fashion?


Skinny jeans. Well I supose they suit some young fellas, but not many. Most of them look like complete dorks. Skinny jeans hanging halfway down their arse, constantly be pulled up. Funny how these young guys think it looks cool to wear clothes in that style, however when I was watching the Nitro Circus movies last night I did note that none of those guys wear jeans hanging round their arse. In short skinny jeans are not cool unless you can pull the look off which rules out most people over 25!!!


There is the showing off of the merchandise which might be an appeal. But I think the fashion right now is to look like you don't need to do any exercise that builds muscle. Much like being super pale (never had to go outside and work) or being super tan (had time to lounge around and do nothing in the sun all day), being super skinny just shows that you are a part of a group who is able to attain things effortlessly. Fashion tends to follow these sorts of trends. There will be a more "conservative" trend to follow. Burlap kilts perhaps? ;)


Oh yeh, guys wearing skinny jeans is very hot in my book!

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