Discussing :: why do men wear skinny jeans?


Ten years ago it was boot leg/flares for jeans (similar to the 70's), ten years before that it was skinny jeans. The skinny jeans are back twenty years later. It's a twenty year cycle that you can blame on your parents. We try not to be them but we try to pull the look off better than they did.


I don't think this is a fad that will last for long. Honestly, I think some people (Russell Brand) look freakin hot in skinny jeans, but you have to be skinny, and you have to have the rest of the outfit/persona to match.

Imagine your Dad in skinny jeans.

I rest my case. :)


I've only ever worn straight jeans, skinny jeans or even stove-pipes! Flares are fro hippies and thank God thev've gone - Long Live Short-haired Rock 'n' Roll! PS: My wife is envious of the skinny jeans I can fit into = it's about the only thing I have over her.


I think the worse thing with skinny jeans - apart from people who are far from 'skinny' wearing them - is when they are so tight that people can't even walk properly in them. Time to go up a size (or two) me thinks!


I have skinny jeans (I'm a girl) and I do like the way they look, but in order to be actually tight, they tend to fall down. (me being roughly the shape of a carrot) Bring back higher waisted jeans so they can be narrow at the top and stay up!! :D


GAY, aren’t skinny jeans and girl-pants the same thing? Enjoy your low sperm count.


Skinny jeans... next mean will start wearing leggings. Not attractive!


Like I've said before...only if you are a rock star!


I use to hate seeing guys in skinny jeans, doesn't leave anything to the imagination. However, that's all you really see now and it has become the norm. Maybe the trend will pass, guess it's better than them hanging around the knees, like that far less.


Surely you mean why do women wear skinny jeans? because as soon as you put on these said jeans you are no longer a man.

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