Discussing :: why do men wear skinny jeans?


Some men really look good in skinny jeans but just like woman you have to have the right body type to pull it off.


Only idiots who are trying to sterilize themselves. The worst look is those who wear skinny,s but also have them hanging round their knees trying to do the baggy and skinny look all in one, or maybe they are trying to relieve pressure off the scrotal region


I like fitting jeans like straight cut etc over something like relaxed/boot cut but skinny jeans are a no-no.
It just makes you look like a pansy I think. Too feminine.
And how is there room for your junk in those things?!


...not really a fan....I like a man looking like a man and wearing classic jeans not skinny jeans some of them look ridiculous in it and others shouldnt be wearing them at all....teens and pre adults acceptable anything above those ages is weird to me......


Have no idea... either pretty boy or gay...


To look good and annoy the crap out of you ?

It's working. Mmmm men in oh so Tights?


these are awesome for keen young studs...keeps the sperm count real low being so 'tight and tucked'

thinking these might be ok at a Xmas function where sitting is not required!


I Think they look awesome and the girls love em thats a good enough excuse for me!


I would wear slim but never skinny


Do mean the 80,s look is gone!

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