Discussing :: why do men wear skinny jeans?


Not a look I go for...but does anyone remember the Led Zeppelin Stairway to heaven music video? Robert Plant was wearing some way skinny jeans. So they've made a comeback. Not good for procreation though I hear, however Robert Plant did have four kids so maybe they're not so bad.


I could never wear skinny jeans. I have to wear pants a a size too big just to squeeze my manly bits in. Skinny jeans would cause those same bits to drop off.

It's called a side pipe


OMG do your partners know you are talking about this subject, there are probably other sites you can go to for that sort of thing. Why would men wear skinny tight Jeans????


its the fad and shows your good legs without showing off the hair! if you have a nice built, then this is for you. stylish! but please choose the right colour.


Maybe they think they're Barbie's KEN, lol.


i really dont understand why some people think skinny jeans look feminine ,is it envy honestly its better than baggy blue jeans and butt cracks ...shudder ,men generally have great legs why not show them off i say!


Yeah, I think on young (emo) guys they are fine. I don't know many guys over 25 who would look good in them. You'd really have to be comfortable with that style of dressing.


Ha, maybe they miss their KEN Doll, or never had one!


because it makes their feet look bigger


So that they can attract large women.


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