Discussing :: why do men wear skinny jeans?


I read that skinny jeans are unheathly for men as they can cause twisted testicles, bladder weakness, urinary tract infections, low sperm counts, fungal irritations and worse of all... make you look like a Russel-Brand-wannabe-try-hard- skateboarder-who-needs-to-grow-up!

Well I'm 41 & comfortable in my own body & style with none of those issues... I also do boxing... and the hot women I date are early 20s... who needs to grow up? Guys who wear baggy jeans these days look like tools


have to agree with most of the comments. i'm sure skinnys were made to accommodate the anorexic unhealthy body trend and to save on jean production costs bolstering the fat on sales margins. yep brands a twat.


The shop assistant sold me with the classic "wow, they make you look like a rockstar". Naturally I had to proceed with the purchase from there..


I only wear skinny jeans because I look like a hillbilly wearing loose-fit. I also quite like the idea of my kids looking back on photos and going "wow Dad, I can't believe you use to be skinny!"


I was a dedicated boot cut man when it came to jeans for about 17 years. For a laugh i tried on a pair of skinny jeans about 2 years ago while up in Auckland for BDO and i loved them. They looked alright on me, certainly snug to start with but my less-than-petite arse soon loosened them up. I liked the colour and the cut. it was nice to not wear through the bottoms within a few weeks of purchase either. Sadly I split them about a month ago bending over to pick up my son, but I'd definitely invest in another pair. This Missus loved me in them too.


I rekon skinny jeans for men look so uncomfortable. I mean they look so tight!!!! fair enud on females but males. mmm not sure lol.


Are these things even remotely comfortable? I know some have spandex in them but the majority are pretty stiff.
Denim is not usually comfortable unless its been washed at least 50 times

Men & Skinny Jeans = Squashed Man Tackle

They really suit you Badjoker...nice arse! LOL:)

Ha not enough room in those jeans for me, let the women wear THEse PANTS


they look good on the right body shape but maybe there is a reason most guys seem to be wearing them low riding if they are squashing the family assets! just cos it's in fashion doesn't mean you should do it. dress for your shape not for fashion.


Casual day at work, one of the office hotties and a young dude who thinks he's hip are both wearing skinny jeans. I must say there only one camel toe I don't mind staring at (is it rude to stare?) and nearly dropping my steak and cheese pie for!

boys, unless you are a rock star leave the skinny jeans to fit ladies!


This is the question i have always asked my brother in law and his answer was always quite simply because he believed they keep posture to his stance. I always said it was because he believed it would make him more attractive to other men being the smartarse that i am but it got me thinking would it help with supporting your posture at all being tight... surely not....


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