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why do men wear skinny jeans?

I was FORCED (the old quality time together nag) to go out shopping at Westfield in the weekend and the Mrs was trying on skinny jeans (all good as she is a petit little thing). I was bored so she bet me $10 to try on a pair of skinny mens jeans. Now I think skinny jeans wearing Russell Brand is a twat and I only wear classic fit Levi's but the money was too good to pass up (yes I'm cheap!). Now I'm not the size of Ron Jeremy, got a fast arse though :) apparently, but they were so uncomfortable, squashed my crown jewels and people didn't need to go to spec savers to verify that I'm not the size of Ron Jeremy. Why do men wear skinny jeans?

Why do men wear skinny jeans?
Because they make them look hot!


Back in the days of punk rock n roll i wore black stovepipes. I'm still a pretty skinny guy but I figure i'll keep to a straight cut jean. My 10 year old son is a new fan to skinny jeans. Guess they fit with the skater style.


I only wear skinny jeans... feel like an idiot if I wear anything loose. Reminds me of my 20s... In the 90s we skated in up to 44inch baggy chinos & jeans... way more comfortable for the last decade wearing size 28-30"skinny jeans... late 80s I usedto wear skinny too because I was an indie kid... I could never skate in baggy jeans these days... slimmer looks so much more stylish for tricks too... look at any mid 90s skate vid to see what I mean


good for holding up your stomach


Skinny jeans are great if you have a slender figure. I used to wear them all the time and they were really comfortable. If you are slightly of a larger build it's not a the best idea to wear them haha.


Wooooow guys stop stop for a second. Have you considered your inner feminine side might be speaking to you here? You may need therapy, and quickly. lol


I don't know, but skinny jeans are great if you have a thin build. Normal sized jeans won't look baggy on you.


Yep- definitely not for old people either - skinny or not - a fashion fad for the young and sexy - psychoANALysts aside.

Better to stick to shorts

It's all a matter of personal taste and comfort. I'm a wear shorts whenever I can kind of guy and don't give a shit about what the other guy's wearing.


Hey Barnes10, you are right. 1/ Brand is a twat (like I saw on a forum on Getfrank, the best thing Brand has been in, has been Katie Perry LMFAO!!) 2/ Skinny Jeans are very uncomfortable on the "boys" and by the sound of it you either need to lose some weight or start skateboarding before you wear skinny Jeans LMFAO!


Trends like skinny jeans only work on some body types and it's a mistake to go for it just because it's in right now. Frankly, they only really look good on the men and women who are hot enough to look good in anything. Better to stick to the classics and you can't go wrong.

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