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Who Shops?????

Come on Guys fess up who does the shopping in your Household.Us women all know you guys hate to shop.So who does the Grocery Shopping,buys pressies for Birthdays,buys clothes.If you do go shopping how long would you spend in a clothing store? What about DIY shop,Music sore,Gaming shop I bet you would spend hours in these shops?Would you let your significant other half loose with your Credit card?


I shop all the time - Trade me! I trust my wife completely with the credit card but she's not so keen to have me tag along to the supermarket as it always costs us more and she takes buying presents as her sole responsibility as I would probably just get them off Trade me.

What a nice guy you are trusting your wife with your credit card...I wouldn't be allowed to get a sniff of my hubbies card...:-))


Pfft! Shoppings all good, i love grocery shopping although i am an ex chef, as far as actual shopping i love bargin hunting be it online or actual shopping. Even if your a guy and hate clothes shopping doesnt mean you couldnt kill an hour in bunnings or super cheap auto. :)

That's a good point. Guy's always say they hate shopping, but I don't know many who couldn't spend time in Bunnings. Mind you, so can I.... (girl)

agreed but i don't mind clothes shopping to i would rather look my best than throw on whatever. And at least if your the one shopping for them you get the final say, haha just kidding wife's law prohibits that lol


he does grocery shopping because he gets uncomfortable when his tuna stack is below 20 cans. below than this, its critical level so time to buy...like almost every week. he hates it when the wifey shops because it takes too long. but wait till he does his own shopping and watch the clock tic-tac. it seems like forever!!!

LOL funny! Tuna Stack bahaha. I do the shopping at home, he does it sometimes but usaully forgets the meat! So thinks he done a great job because he spent less then me!!!! Oh and he gets nervous if he gets down to the last weetbix in the box lol


I have to shop as my boyfriend is useless. Once I sent him down to Pak n Save with a 10 item shopping list for dinner and essentials, he spent most of our money and with only one item, 2 doz Tui on special, 3 packets of chips ,1 dips, 2 packets of mint treats (yum) and the DVD Thor!? We had a good night in front of the TV but I was bloody starving. Too be honest I think he did it on purpose so he didn't have to do it again.

That's pretty funny. Ever funnier if he did it in purpose :)


As for as the groceries are concerned l do the shopping in our house and let the man sort out the technical and hardware purchases. Less chance of conflict all round l say. Buying a cell phone is a personal item, you Definitely buy your own


i do only food/groceries things.., she shops everythings elce


partner usaully does it all but we sumtimes do it together. i do all the man stuff tho like oils for car etc.....


My partner probably cant remember what the inside of a supermarket looks like, but is still happy to complain about how much the shopping costs!


I do, he who cooks should shop otherwise you never know what is in the fridge and the green stuff she buys then gets wasted


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