Discussing :: Who portrayed the Joker better: Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger?


Heath Ledger hands down. true to the comics with a killer performance!!


Jacks was comical and good for its time. But I'd have to go with Heaths because his was more maniacal and believable.


Definitely Health Ledger. He raised the bar by making it darker and manic. Added an extra element to the film I feel.


Heath!! a darker joker, as he should have been. Jack always reminds me of the "old" tv version, bit camp


I would have to say Heath - something about Jack Nicholson made me want to throw up...Miss Heath Ledger - he was an excellent actor and had so much more to give. Very sad.


Heath played the better Joker IMO. Was much more intense and crazy - just like the Joker should be. Jack done a good job at the time but Heath played the part amazingly and true to how I imagine a crazy villian would be in real life.


Jacks Joker was a Joker, Heaths Joker was a criminal nutcase. So all in all you would have to say Heath Ledger made the character more believable. But we are watching Batman here people, how believable is Batman. Dude in tights saves Gotham city from evil by night, and entertains socialites by day. Sounds fun.


There is only 1 person who protrayed The Joker well.....& that is Jack Nicholson. As a kid - Jack Nicholson scared the hell out of me as The Joker....played the role so very well.


definitely Heath! bit if a bugger hes not around anymore


Both were amazing but I always thought of the Joker as more like the one that was portrayed by Jack Nicolson. Health was way more darker and evil but I like the lighter version best personally.

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