Discussing :: Who portrayed the Joker better: Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger?


Jack was solid (as he is in most things) but Heath really had the crazy eyes and erraticnees which made it memorable and more menacing.


heath ledger i think did a better job


Jack is creepy in real life let alone when given a scary role to play.


Thats a tough one, I personally think Heath Ledger did a absolutely brillant job at portratying 'The Joker', yes very sad that it was his last role, he played the character as it was meant to be played, the small mannerisms were just fantastic, given the very dark nature of Batman.


Heath Ledger - throughout the whole movie i was trying to refrain myself from shouting "why doesn't someone just f****** kill him??!?" and that's suggesting to me that he has portrayed the character very well and very realistically creepy. Although I think even the greatest actor can't make a crap movie good so I think the storyline would've helped a bit


I think jack nicholson...


Hard to take it away from either of them, both were great performances for their time. Jack Nicholson naturally cheeky & Ledger scary/creepy. I wonder how the two movies would have compared if they were made today using modern technology, that would have been a fairer test. Modern movies really come alive on home theatre or at the cinema.


JN was more natural and HL was the best ever make-up with a peculiar twist- I'd have to go with Heath. Shame there will be no follow up to establish his heritage- he would have killed it....oops sorry...aced it.

Didn't see me on the list, should always have a third option


Jack Nicholson would have to be the best...I grew up with Jack on screen....He would have to be the best.......Hard to forget The Joker Nicolson....


i think def Heath as the energy was more intense which i think the passion of youth can only convey

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