Discussing :: Who portrayed the Joker better: Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger?


Who portrayed the Joker better: Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger?

I thought this would be an interesting debate.I personally thought Heath Ledger was brilliant as the Joker.He portrayed a very realistic creepy,Manic Joker.Where as Jack Nicholson brought humour to his Joker character.....Such a tough decision but would sway more towards Heath as the Joker...


Heath all the way, Jack was good for his time, but Heaths Joker was far more real and intense


...tough one I finally got to see Heath Ledger in the role and it was an excellent performance but yeah I am on the fence with this one because there were a number of differing factors with both roles because of the story lines, when the movies were made, the different supporting graphics etc....I would have to say they both have their merits....and enjoyed them both....


I got to stay on the fence with this choice, I cant remember if I saw the film with Jack Nicholson in it.


I never watched any Batman movies... prefer to keep the Adam West Batman memories, although I do enjoy watching the cartoon version Batman: The Brave & The Bold...it's great!


Jack Nicholson. There was more novelty and he was less dark.


I am sorry but you cannot go past Jack Nicholson, an actor from the old school.In any role he knock Heath Ledger of his perch.


The remake with Heath was better and far more dark


The way ledger kept licking his lips sold it to me for creepiness and unpredictability

....Yes that was awesome the licking of the lips...quite eerie...RIP Heath Ledger.


Heath. No doubt. Way more manic and creepy.


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