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Wheedle - Has Anyone Checked It Out?

...I was browsing Wheedle....the new competitor on the buy and sell NZ market up against Trade Me and have already come up against a few buggy problems, maybe only initial problems to iron out perhaps, but am interested to see if it can compete with the all powerful Trade Me suppose only time will tell, since it only opened today for registrations....the success fees for items are free under around the end of November and then anything over $20 will have a success fee of $1....I wonder if this will be a good alternative considering Trade Me have increased there success fees today too..... ...Has anyone had a look around, already selling items or buying items etc on the site, it seems to have a similar feel to Trade Me but there are some differences.... www.wheedle.co.nz


I haven't checked it out yet, but if you want a good auction site head on over to Sella. No fees at all there. Only needs a larger number of traders to join up and it will be a great website. Trade Me is a joke, their fees are through the roof and their staff are extremely rude.


...Yes I am with Sella too, but it is good to keep ones options open.....and have to agree Trade Me are becoming ridiculous with some of their fee hikes...hopefully traders will come to their senses and we have a better alternative than what they provide at the moment......


Haven't checked it out, probably wont for a while anyway, like trade me fine.


No I haven't looked into it. Would of thought of a better name than Wheedle cause it sounds some-what shady and dishonest. I hear it will be aimed at real estate agents, car dealers, businesses! I think I'll keep to trading things not Wheedling my goods.


I wasn't sure what this thread was about before I opened it. Had not heard of Wheedle before. I know of sella and some other websites that have sprung up and possibly gone bust. Businesses like trademe rely on their customers to provide the value. It's hard to move them across to another similar provider once they are established, as the same value isn't provided unless all of them move across. The orange colour they use on their home page reminded me of trademe. Funny. The layout reminded me of one of the 'deal sites' that we see so much of these days (one day deal sites like 1day). Good on them for giving it a try I say and I think they do have a chance to compete with trademe if they approach the right people and get enough users in their categories to be of use. I think people will try to sell stuff cheap on there (under $20 is free at the mo), maybe cars, etc. You have nothing to lose as a seller trying to sell stuff, as long as it sells, right? Just takes some time to setup an account and figure out a different website.


I had a look at it today, sounds like the fees are amazing cheaper than Trademe but companies like Sella and Piston.co.nz dont really get the same amount of people looking like Trademe does. I think the only way I would sell on there is if I put exactly how much I want for it for the start price and not gamble with a "look at this $1 Res". I hope they do well though, Trademe's fees can really take a big chunk of the profit sometimes but only time will tell.


Well I'm giving up on Wheedle for now. I've registered but it's really slow due to everyone being nosey and it keeps logging me out for no reason. Server should be able to handle the traffic better than that.


Great that there is some competition for Trade Me - especially with their exorbitant fees. Unfortunately, it's a bit like banks, once you're using one, people are reluctant to change.


hard to change but if the price is right !!!!!!

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