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What's your ride?

Are you one who treats your vehicle as your best friend? Does you partner get jealous of all the attention and time that you dedicate to your pride and joy? Or maybe it's just a piece of metal that gets you from A to B... So what's your ride? I have a '96 Toyota Curren XS... metallic silver two door coupe.


Here we go.


1989 Honda concerto, complete with spiders, webs and clumps of possum fur - woohoo. No possums were hurt in the adding of fur to my car, it just sticks to the webs when they play on it...


1967 ford falcon xr with a worked 351 clevo in it.


I'm a poor student so my ride is the Loser Cruiser (the Bus)...it goes from 0-100 in 3hrs 52 minutes and 20.66 seconds, top speed is snail's pace, runs on diesel and usual late, needs a good clean, has no stereo and so far has lost me every street race in wellington.


A Toyota people mover-too sad! The joys of many children and pets. Life begins at 50 when they are all independent I hope and then I can upgrade to something with a little more style?


Ford's all the way, only cause we've always had them!! Just got bigger and bigger with each kid!!! No more kids cause we don't wanna van!!


As long as it can tow a boat on a trailer..its fine with me. 4wd added bonus for those beach launchings.


to work its a giant bike not an actual big bike just a giant brand bike.


a Toyota corsa , it' s quite old, but goes like a dream - cheap on gas, doesn't burn oil. though it's no chick magnet, I love and cherish my beloved car, I even clean it every now and then.


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