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I'm not really a Jandal fan, but whats the general consensus on this interpretation?

I vote 'hideous'. Who would wear that?
I'm not a jandal fan either. Espeically when you run through a puddle and get wet all the way up the backs of your legs.


Hmm interesting idea but without socks the upper hightop would rub up on your ankles and give u mean blisters


These are pretty funky, I reckon i could see my way to wearing them


I'd forgotten about this discussion thread. Glad to rediscover it.

What I wouldn't have given for a pair of Green Day Dookie Chucks back in High School!!!


I like Chucks... I've got a red pair at the moment. I also like Vans, they're really comfortable.


I have to say I am a fan of Chucks as well but my favourite shoes are my custom Pumas. Won them in a competition a few years back and got to decide on all the colours, materials and so on. Really comfortable and one-of-a-kind but sadly the soles have now worn through =(
I now am wearing Chucks as my replacement.

That sounds pretty awesome re: the puma's. What type of chucks do you have?

Just the stock standard black and white ones. We're allowed black or white shoes at work. I'm kind of cheating but whatever =D


These band Aid 'Dr Romanelli's' are pretty rad


any sneakers that have the little roller skates in them are awesome.....for kids i mean

Every time I see a kid on those I wish my shoes had wheels in them too. That would be pretty sweet.


All of us has a favourite sneaker, which sometimes is the only one we love to wear... mine is my Adidas sneaker, which has been with me for 3 years now, and I still love wearing them... and with TLC (tender loving care) he is still so good to me and my feet... Cheers!!!


I love the Super Mario ones. I also love green sneakers.

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