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I'm a filmmaker and am currently in post-production on a feature film I co-wrote and produced called Penny Black, and I love my work! I'm also doing a PhD which pays the bills and that's a challenge but can also be a lot of fun. (Okay, the first 2 years sucked, but it's become more fun recently). I also volunteer as Unit Leader for a group of 20 girls and sometimes that can be the most challenging 'work' I do. But it can be great, also. And I'm a single Mum, and sometimes THAT can be the most challenging work, but can also be the most fun. It's interesting to note that no one has said they hate everything about their job...


I am a professional babysitter now looking for work in nelson/motueka district. I adore looking after kids esp under 5s


currently a fabrication engineer....general at Fieldair Eng Ltd - General engineering section Palmy Nth Did it for five yrs and left at a time when redundancys were being held over us to make us all leave, then come back a yr or so later after driving milk tankers down south for a while


After years of being in sales I'm now driving a cement truck and loving it. Who wouldn't like a job playing in mud all day.


I am a HVAC Cad Draughtsman, which is, I draw Air conditioning for commerical buildings...I have been involved in the following projects over the last decade or so.....SkyCity, Sky Tower, Vero Building, ASB Centre (Old Building), Town Hall, Eden Park Upgrade, Watercare Services - North Shore, Mount St Student accomdation, University work & North Shore Hospital and the list goes on...I love my job because I am never in the same place for too long. I am always working in a new area or different part of the city. So many different challenges which i love the most..............


I work in retail. Not many jobs in NZ that are more soul-destroying and dream-crushing. It really makes you hate your fellow man. I did briefly do a stint in radio and I loved that.

I've worked in retail, too. It was fine in a quiet secondhand book store, but McDonalds just about killed me. I feel sick just thinking about it. I have a filmmaker friend who works in retail and is writing script after script about the idiots that come into his store asking stupid things and being stupid and rude. Now he's writing a horror set in a mall. I guess it was only a matter of time...


I'm a homecare worker & I love working with the elderly as they are lovely people with interesting stories & one lady will even sing for me. when I was a lot younger & still in school I used to go to the old folks homes as they were called then (rest homes) & perform (sing) & put on skits for them & then talk to them & that was a lot of fun. I used to spend a lot of time with my grandad (nearly ecery weekend & all school holidays) & the elderly nieghbours so perhaps thats where my love of working with the elderly & caring for them has come from. I used to work in banking for 20 years but now as my son has aspergers I have to have a job that works around that as I am also his carer & thats full on.


Tough job with no pay -- a mum!


I am a social worker at DHB community mental health. It's a rewarding career and I love work. Mental Health Awarenss Week is coming up soon in October. You can find more info here: http://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/page/995-home


I'm a primary school teacher and it's the best job in the world!!

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