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What's you job and do you love it?

I ask this because I recently heard John Key speaking about his career as a forex trader and investment banking in general. Talked about how much work it is, and how long the hours are etc etc, but that it was really enjoyable. Do you like your job and why?


I work doing underground an Ultra fast broadband. installing pipes etc... Its great job for me coz i love the outdoors. I love it an got a good boss which makes things even better.


I work in IT - can't say I love it but I do like tinkering with computers a bit. I guess most jobs have bits you like and dislike but it's about finding a job that has more of what you like or love.


Yeah, I do...part of the attraction is that I can work from home a lot and with flexible hours so that I can still have a good part of the day free for other activities; equally or more, I do really enjoy the work and the constant flow of interesting challenges and problems. The 3-4 overseas trips each year aren't really an attraction per se as I am well over long distance travel but I love the interaction of working in a good international team. The job itself covers a diverse range of topics so boredom is rarely an issue and these include unmanned aircraft, international policy development and continuous improvement systems and practices.


I am a tutor to parents with young children and yes love it although at times it can be hard just like any job... all about stating our next generation off on the best foot.


Property Management.....good job, never a boring day that's for sure! Amazing what you see


I work in banking (back office), love my job and love the bank I work for. I have been in the same business area for 16yrs and have never ever had any urge to leave. We are well looked after!!!


I work on a sheep and beef farm. It's all right, love the outdoors on the good days we've been having, but when the weather is shit, it can be hell. Overall I do enjoy it but I am studying towards being a civil engineer, as that's what I'm passionate about


Im a fitter at a mill and its not the job i like but the people i work with make it worth while.


I work for a solicitor and its a good job, I enjoy the challenges with settlements.

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