Discussing :: What you need to know after 35.


When I was 20 I dreamt about women who were 35 and MILF's. Now I'm 35 I dream abot 20 year old. Unfortunely I ain't rich, good looking or successfull so got no chance


That you better have fallen in love with some one for attributes other than their looks


Make you 2nd wife a better choice than your first! LOl


if your a male over 35 and you need some loving from a lady then head to Thailand or Bali and you'll find a women who will 'luv u long time' (bang bang sucky sucky!). Just make sure your lady doesn't have her meat and 2 vege.


Time to think about life's goals, needs and happiness. Where do you hope to be in 10 years time? Don't dwell on mistakes of past, ditch negatives. At 35 it's not too late to make a change for the better. Life will slip you by if you don't take control NOW.


I opened this forum with great interest....as I am currently 34! I was interested to see what good and bad things I have to look forward to in just a short while!! Seems like a bit of a mixed bag from what others have said! I just hope that I skip the explosion of nose and ear hair!


kids think you are OLD you cant party all night and go to work next day like you used to you start making more trips to DIY stores as part of your weekend entertainment you have to ask your niece who the band is that everyone is talking about I could go on ... but the great thing is you don't care any more what anyone thinks about these things.


1. plan for your next big adventure and do something wild 2. have a mid-life crisis (maybe?) 3. life is great! 4. think about settling down and having kids of your own


your eyesight will deteriorate. your bones start to ache esp during winter and you start taking maintenance meds.


Half this stuff occurred when I hit 30...


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