Discussing :: What you need to know after 35.


You need to watch Storm Surfers 3D... those guys are 45 & 49 & killing it... I've entered my 40s surfing the smallest/lightest & lowest volume shortboards ever ... just in the process of resurfacing my backyard miniramp... haven't dyed my hair since blond/red/blue/black haircolours of my teens & 20s. No grey but shorter now as thinning haha


You need to know that life does not end at any age and your limitations are set only by your expectations for yourself.


Time to get serious and start training for a marathon, you’re never too old


35 that was a while ago for me 23 yrs ago to be exact aahh good to be young, last ten years i,ve noticed the age things


lol ...my man and I agree with Phillip only one thing they arent grey hairs we call them silver streaks lol .

Same here ( hair?) except to me they are silver racing stripes. Only I don't race...maybe I don't have enough?


Basically, some simple body care - don't let it go to pot. Find a sport you like that has good physical activity and do it regularly even when you are busy. Cut the excess booze AND food - moderation will see you a long way.


Learn the difference between light and hard? You can go to sleep with the light on.


Go with the flow, after 35 it takes exponentially more effort to get a similar result - eventually you just need to relax and be yourself! Oh and hangovers last for DAYS!!!


Life goes quickly in your 30's. So quick I forget my age. At 30 I was kid free and still felt like a teenager, now i'm 36 with three littluns, a decent mortgage and waist band that tries to expand after every beer, but definitely feel more settled these days. Got to enjoy the ride......


Im 28 with 4 kids and a mortgage. im trying to get it all out of the way as soon as i can.


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