Discussing :: What you need to know after 35.


Don't buy a covertible BMW or a sexy young mail order bride as people will know you are having a midlife crisis!


Really....its not that bad. Life is what you make it. However, a quiet night in is now way more appealing than going out on the town and rolling into bed in the wee small hours of the morning. I think you just grow up in your 30's.


ignorance is bliss ;)


Just carry on it's not worth worrying about, it's only one more candle


Take plenty of medical insurance because your body is about to pack up.As for the grey hairs just live with it,you start dying your hair and everyone thinks your going through your midlife crisis.


"Aging is never gonna be pretty..... all i guess we can hope for, is that it happens! " That's the Best quote I've ever seen on here. :)


yeah I think these are more for 40+ my fiancee is 36 and nope to most of them!


Some of these points are ridiculous and will vary from person to person.

Is that it?


I think your older so a bit wiser and therefore make better decisions, I guess slowing down a bit on rushing around all the time. Family life is good too.


Be careful about buying into the myth that because your older, that you can't do as much. You may go through times of pain, and it may take longer to heal if you have an injury, but you can bounce back and maintain a good exercise routine. Make sure it's something you enjoy. I'm turning 54 soon, and regularly doing 5 mile runs, push ups, and weight lifting. Learned the hard way that if I start to get a leg cramp, to slow down, and try again the next day, rather than pushing it. This last year, I worked at setting small goals to run further and faster. I'm pretty close now to what I could do when I was in my 20's


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