Discussing :: What you need to know after 35.


When I was 35 I quit smoking and started jogging-it was certainly the age of reason for me, thank God. 10 years later I am probably a lot healthier than I was before I achieved those milestones.


1) You cant retire for at least another 35years so that horrible job youve just worked ur butt of in ...well your half way there 2) getting married, no more pub crawls , runnning naked whereever turning up whereever... you now gott a phone that gps track you... guess who tracking u! 3) you have kids! all thos eluxuries of eating out and buying wine, beer and ur old faves are gonnnneeee now you scrape the last of your coins for bread an milk! so stay young and party hard!


Time to start relaxing and stop taking life so seriously - less stress


Time to do what you really want with your life.


saw a people mover the other day they had a great age related saying on it...... "I intend to live forever....it's going well so far" Aging is never gonna be pretty..... all i guess we can hope for, is that it happens!


35, who says 35, lol!..... but when you reach 35, you should have already sorted out what you really like with your life... have enjoyed your teens and early manhood years... and becoming more wiser and happier, not necessarily stable but rich in life's wisdom, adventures, and journies... but tell you 35, is still young and smart... Cheers and Happy Holidays everyone!


Good heads up for when i reach 35!!! haha cheers.


Don't forget its not WHEN you reach 35....its IF.


start losing things forever like teeth hair your mind lol


It's only one road sign you meet along the way, don't loose any sleep over it though as you will soon be needing your midday Nana Naps.


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