Discussing :: What you need to know after 35.


I don't yet have any grey hair etc & am a few years over 35... noi teeth issues or wrinkles or age lines either... still get pimples although the hair on my head isn't as thick as it once was. I eat nothing dead I find at all being vegan for 17 years & I don't know if it's the skateboarding & surfing, but my feet look the same as the did when I was 18. If it wasn't for the silly tattoo on my shoulder & on my bicep (which have aged) I still feel young... tattoos I got at 35 look fresh as a daisy still, I'm so glad I never got those shitty tribal ones my peers did in the early 90s though haha... not sure about the bum thing... never been the same back there after things went a bit wrong on a surf trip getting bali belly in my 20s, doh


There is still lot to know even Im already 35 or more... life is a continous process of learning and inventing and even reinventing... still with lots of ups and downs... but most specially just to enjoy the rollercoaster of my life's journey... be cool on the moments of my life and enjoy the ride.... Long Live, Live Long; Love life, Life Love!!!


What you need to know is that at 35 you 'don't know it all' despite what you think. How you view others doesn't change with age. What does change is how others view you're age.


i dont mind the being over 35 bit - its the rapid descent towards the big 40 that scares the shit outta me! Any words of encouragement???!!!

There is no descent to 40... it's all good... I was still dating 20 year old girls up to 40... I'm encouraged by friends to start looking at up to 30s now

Going on 63 and have just moved full time into our motorhome, tossed in corportate life. Now working cafe work when we need to. Just learnt to snow board last year. Not pretty looking but feels great. You can not stop it so learn to enjoy it eh? :-)


You're as old as you feel. I've never been fitter, have past that age of repaying student loans, feel pretty good about the future. I know too many people who hit an age and let themself go to the pack, which is scary really.


You are only as old as you feel..that makes me about 100 haha.


Keep on truckin'


Don't forget that you are also supposed to have 2 eyebrows and not 1! I think an annual "WOF" with the doc is also a good idea for men over 35 - make sure everything is working as it should.


its all good over 40' you get to have strangers stick their fingers up yer butt in the name of health, and you never get id checked in bars , there are perks to middle age:)


Young people are targeted my marketers as they will potentially be customers for longer, that's why youth is celebrated in the media. It's not that bad being 35 at all. What you lose in youthful looks you gain in so many other ways. Enjoy the age you are, you'll never get to be that age again.


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