Discussing :: what to buy dad as a gift


Fishing gear is always good for the Dads in our family. Also vouchers for petrol or restaurant vouchers or even a meat pack.


He loves a good book... bit of escapism


My dad always wants the latest Lee Child book, so that is a given. Maybe he would appreciate a photo of you and your little boy or something you and your son made together. A memory book/ This Is Your Life book or something.


You should get him a gag gift like a book


Get him a good book to read while he's on the dunny :)


A hard person to buy for at the best of times.This year I'm taking the easy option of shouting out for tea and a few drinks.


It's a good time to buy a lotto ticket with both Big Wednesday and Power Ball jack-potting.


My old man has for a while now been tricky to buy a gift for so we've started a tradition of going out for a game of golf and then a pub lunch, the 3 of us always shout and its always a great day we keep joking should be a weekly thing not just father's day!


I reckon a magazine subscription is pretty good. If dad is the guy who has everything already, there's always a magazine you could find for him, according to his interests. I got my dad a NZ geographic subscription in the past, which was much appreciated over the year.


Magazine subscriptions are magic - you can just renew them every year online and most dads have something they are interested in - mine gets rugby and motoring mags. I think 'man kits' of aftershave and moisturiser or soap and body gel are great because I can't see my dad buying that sort of thing for himself. My sister got her father in law a bbq branding kit - you can arrange the letters and 'brand' your bbq steaks or patties with names or phrases. Good times!

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