Discussing :: what to buy dad as a gift


Get him a driving experience - i find thats a great gift


agree with some of the other posters about gifts that are more about connection and doing things with Dad.

So if you get him some fishing gear - going fishing with him as well

Doing some building project, making some beer, ...


My dad also infirmed actually became easier as his hobbies centred around the home.
Always the 'fixer & builder', one year I bought him Airfix models, he had hours of fun constructing.
Another year I got him the box set of 'Band of Brothers', he watched them back to back.
Have a portrait of him & his grandson, that will be treasured forever.
Another suggestion take him out for his favourite meal with some of his mates & have a few bevvies, (RSA always do a man's appetite proud)
Happy Father's Day & bless your dad.


it's going to have to be something really good - i got him nothing for his birthday which was May...


My dad is getting on now but we know to personalise a gift basket of his favourite foods and he's as happy as Larry. Mind you I saw Larry the other day and he's not been feeling so good.


Fathers day should be about spoiling your dad. So my Dads getting his favourite Dark chocolate!


I usually like taking dad out to do something, whether it be eating or an activity he likes - feel its better than adding to the material junk that builds up (he builds it up himself too!)


i have no idea what to buy my dad or what to get my partner, they have to be the hardest in the world to shop for


Well my dad is on the other side. I can't buy him anything so I will have to send my best wishes and love too. Love you dad always and you will always live in my heart forever...:) x,o


I have four dads to buy for, my baby's dad, my dad, my step father and my daughters fathers step father. It all depends what your dad is into but I find novelty cups or slippers always work wonders (-:


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