Discussing :: What is or was the best TV series ever (and please don't mention DALLAS)


What is or was the best TV series ever (and please don't mention DALLAS)

My first choice has to be Game of Thrones

have to be MASH

Yeah I really like Game of Thrones too but I read the books after getting into the show and now the show just isn't as good because the books just do it better...

The Walking Dead is a good show. And Breaking Bad is high on my list. At the end of the day I couldn't choose just one I have lots of shows I really like....

The Six Million Dollar Man - Hands down. Outstanding special effects. And you had to love the Red Tracksuit worn by Steve Austin - Chris


I would also have to put Game of Thrones. It is such a great show and one of my current favourites.




Hard to properly evaluate a series while it is still going on. Many series could have qualified for this, but ran out of ideas, the writers got sloppy, or someone in the network screwed it up. MASH was a series that just kept getting better and better. Downton Abbey is showing the strength of character development. The series that had it all for me though, was LOST. It kept me guessing till the very end. The stories within the stories, and flash backs, had some real gems of classic storytelling. Struggling with basic concepts of good, evil, human nature, and relationships. Following threads of seperate realities, that questioned if the choices we make, lead to different paths, or weather there is an ultimate destiny that can't be escaped, regardless of how much you try to run away, or deny your path.

Lost definitely for me too. It did lose a few steps along the way but there was so much to it that me and my friends were always discussing it and coming up with all sorts of theories. There hasn't really been anything like it since.

The current show I'm really in to is The Walking Dead. Super violent, but plenty of tension and suspense to go along with all the action.


Game of Thrones.... unfortunately it is not shown on regular channel... but one will surely be hooked-up in it... Cheers!


For me it is a tie between Game of thrones and band of brothers. i love the action in both series


for me it was offspring, a great australian series, with so much on offer, comedy, sadness,drama,real life issues and of course the quirky and funny Nina, i think there is a little of Nina in all of us, great series ,cannot wait for the next one


Oh and dallas


I do love the once upon a time series, because its based on what we are taught (fairy tales) with a unique twist


in the 70's was one called Holding On, also dennis potter series, still love them, real life portrayed as real life.

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