Discussing :: What is it with the "Roastbusters"


The media around this sounds totally reprehensible. The police have a tough task separating fact from fiction and sorting this out - I don't envy them one bit. Not sure that everything will come out in the wash in this issue.


More needs done, more lee way for the police to deal with them


yucky men


I definitely think there is something wrong with those teenagers, but there has to be something deeper going on. What has our society done for this to become an idea in their heads? I'm not excusing their actions, but we need a culture of looking out for each other. We need a culture of safe places, and being able to ask for help.


waste of space so are the parents


there needs to be a strict punishment


Wonder if the Roastbusters still reside in NZ. Guess they could migrate to Australia and continue there party lifestyle on the GC.


arrogant little deviants who like to publicise their exploits and don't care who they affect, what I am concerned about is the police involvement or lack of in this whole ordeal and the issue with John Tamihere and Willie Jacksons comments its like these types of situations are supported if these characters are anything to go by, I hope the victims in all of this make their concerns known so they can show little douches like these roastbusters that what they do is totally and utterly wrong, parents of these boys should be held accountable too


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