Discussing :: What is it with the "Roastbusters"


How can anyone in their right mind think that this is acceptable behaviour?? I am sure that their parents tried to teach them better values so what on earth went wrong????


what pathetic individuals. I can't really say any more.


These children (as they aren't acting their age and their brains have yet to develop) are going to be on a path of destruction if left as they are. I would be interested to know more about their upbringing and where they were allowed to be left to their own devices to think that these actions are of "real men" as the women knew what they were getting into. The upfront and publicised actions are only one layer of these boys to be torn back.


They should be locked up followed by a castration so they can't reproduce!!


I think it's utterly disgusting. What kind of world is it, that allows such disrespect of woman


Let's hope the victims have the courage to speak up so that they get the justice that they deserve.


Stupid and stupid people that 'support' this or think there is nothing wrong with it!!! This sort of attitude is too common among boys and men, needs to be dealt with strongly..


If they can't convict these f**ktards then there is something seriously wrong with out justice system (or more wrong than we already knew was wrong)! Let's hope they get the evidence they need to throw the book at them.


i have to agree with all the posts written here, it is disgusting and more so that they probably will get away with it, or a wee slap on the wrist, what is our society coming to, it is time our justice system had a big over haul, you only have to see the punishments dealt out overseas to see how lenient we are here in NZ. Make these men and i use that term lightly, accountable, make an example of them, and make the punishment fit the crime for once.


Most men do only think with their penis...I said most and not all!...lol


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