Discussing :: What is it with the "Roastbusters"


What is it with the "Roastbusters"

What is it with youth of today.......stupidity and wheres the law that stops these things from happening. Throw the book at them i say.


Disturbingly stupid acts, often by youth but not always, are constantly being put onto Facebook where they can act as evidence. If they're criminal or otherwise destructive to one's reputation, it's an easy target.


Situations like this are happening all the time throughout the country - this group is nothing out of the ordinary. The youth of today are far more rebellious than they have ever been. It's just been another media hype-up for the general public to be gobsmacked and outraged.


The ones that bragg, usually are lacking maturity and feeling inadequate


Very disturbing that they actually think its acceptable to behave like that and make it public. Parents..step up and make sure you know what your kids are actually up to.


Disgusting!!! They need to be locked up!!!! But I also have concerns as to why 13 yr old girls are out drinking?!?!? Parents need to keep their kids safe!!

Is it that parents need to keep their kids safe, or that we have a community where this is the norm? It was 10 years ago since I was 13, and I was weird for not wanting to drink and not going to parties where alcohol would be available.


I don't understand what is taking the cops so long. There are witnesses, complainants and presumably evidence on facebook itself. These girls were underage and need protecting. The fact that one of the boy's dad is a cop is not looking good for them. Perhaps if one of the girl's dad's was a cop it would be a different story?


Maybe it's time for a bit of vigilante justice. All a good vigilante mob member needs is the ability to swing a sack full of doorknobs. Sacks will be provided but you'll need to bring your own knobs.


This is just disgusting. There is no reason why they should be getting away with it.


They do not deserve anything off me just sad little men who think with their penis's


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