Discussing :: What book are you reading?


I've just started re-reading my Agatha Christie books...so starting with Death on the Nile.


Nothing as yet and I have only time, to flick through a few magazines for now. I need a good book to read and relax with. Too much stress leading up to yet another Xmas and New Year...:) x


Started reading The Maze Runner series recently as I really enjoyed the movies but couldn't really wait to find out more of the story, I'm currently up to The Death Cure, the story is just as good in the books, the movies have changed a few things but both are still great


i am reading the THE GIRL IN THE SPIDERS WEB, takes a bit of getting in to this story, not quite like the others, and i don't know it is because i know its a different author or not, but this is obvious to me, it is starting to get good now, but has taken me to get through half the book before i really found it interesting, i do hope they release a film though as it will be entertaining, finding it a wee struggle to keep me my interest, but i will keep at it , i am sure it is going to get exciting, hoping so


I have recently picked the Te Street Lawyer by John Grisham and i couldn't put it down. I spent a whole sunday reading till i finishes it. It has been a very long time since i did that with a book but this one was a great read.


Books (plural). The whole Sean Devereaux crime series is amazing, by Ben Sanders, young NZ author too. Set in Auckland, uncovering the gritty dark side of our city. Much recommended.


It's really interesting to see the diverse range of books that Getfrank followers read and I am going to have to include my very much 'leftfield' tome here - "Unfathomable City - A New Orleans Atlas"! It may because I am a Geographer at heart, but I really do like this book that tells the story of New Orleans in maps backed up with short essays - the history of this city and its influence on Western musical culture never ceases to amaze. I just wish I was emulating Fats Domino n "[I'm] Walking to New Orleans"!


I am reading Mr Mercedes by Stephen King at the moment. My house work is suffering as I can't put it down.


Just finished Bill Bryson's 'The Road to Little Dribbling' - an easy, entertaining and amusing read. Recommended.

I bought this for Dad for Christmas hoping to borrow it, hasn't happened yet though :'(


Just read the Hunger Games series. Not the best writing ever but she certainly creates an awesome world that you want to return to.


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