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What book are you reading?

Knowledge is power, it is easy to tell a well read gentleman from another. So, tell me, what book are you reading or what was the last book you read? I have just finished 'a separate peace' by John Knowles. It details the friendship and rivalry experienced between an introvert and extrovert during their school days. A very good read.


Reading a Terry Goodkind fantasy series right now but have 9 books in my pile to read after this is finished!


"The Angels Game" ny Carlos Ruiz Zafon. About halfway through and it already qualifies for my top ten books I've ever read. Stunning imagery and narrative with a dark and unsettling theme. Before that, "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. Absolutely brilliant, and gives a realistic and humourous perspective on human knowledge ( along with the lack of it )


Just started Graham Henry's book, well just looked at the pictures so far. But should be good, looking forward to getting into it. Outstanding man.


TV Guide.... and yes I am shallow with a short attention span!

I remember when we had our first child, I was talking to my brother about how I was so tired, that I found it difficult to even finish reading an article. He asked what I was trying to read, and yeah, it was T.V. guide.


whatevers at the doctors waiting room


the skullduggery series onto the third book now


Currently reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Really interesting book that looks at reasons why people and businesses become successful. His other books are great too. Before that: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and Papillon by Henri Charriere both highly recommended!

I've read this. The whole 10,000 hours thing. I found that almost liberating, 'Oh, THAT'S why I'm not awesome at the guitar/singing/art' etc. Knowing I have to put in the hours kind of inspires me to do so.

That theory can also put you off striving to be great at something though! It's nice in theory and may fit well for skills like athletics, instruments etc but there are other skills where natural talent and luck can get you just as far.


Currently slogging through 'War and Peace'. It's not a bad book per se, it's just so detailed and has so many characters in it. I only manage a few pages a night and at well over a thousand pages it's gonna be a long haul, but I'm determined to finish it. In the meantime I am also enjoying Keith Richards autobiography 'Life'. He is quite switched on and witty, despite all the years of substance abuse. He's so passionate about his playing and music in general, it's quite inspiring to read. He certainly puts Mick Jagger in his place :)


I'm reading Bill Bryson again. I don't have anything else, and I've been meaning to find one particular quote that I read in one of his books. Someone's borrowed several of them though, and I've forgotten who, so...

Bill Bryson is hilarious. have you read the one about his childhood? If you want to die of laughter, get it.

Which one is that?


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