Discussing :: What actor.....Played the best James Bond..!!


What actor.....Played the best James Bond..!!

I thought Sean Connery was Awesome....Until Daniel Craig got out of the water in Casino Royal...Wow my blood pressure went through the roof!!


Sean Connery without a doubt. The way he delivered those one liners was perfect. Timothy Dalton appeared too briefly to be entrenched as the Bond character. same goes with Lazenby. Roger Moore scrapes in second on my list, but will always be an olive short of a martini. Peirce Brosnan was a dud. What self respecting Bond actor turns to musicals in their career? Daniel Craigs comes in at third on my list, however he should learn to wipe that constant pout off his face.


just had to be sean connery!


...I haven't seen many of Sean Connery roles as 007 but remember skimming through the channels one night and everything sucked and a James Bond movie happened to be on and after seeing that would definitely have to say Sean Connery......I have seen Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan in 007 movies but still liked the one Sean Connery was in more.....

...oh and Sean Connery definitely is Suaveness!....


*Warning Girly Material.....Guys might have a feeling of inadequacy after reading* In response Dee Dee my argument for Daniel has to be..... Daniel Craig emerging out of the ocean tall,blue eyed in light blue trunks rippling wet biceps and torso and just oozing sex appeal ....The only thing missing from this picture (which you really don't want to imagine)is me on a sun bed,shades and Cocktail in hand.......Gimme,Gimme this man any time!!


Just oozing sex appeal

....I agree that Daniel Craig is a sexy beast....for sure but in the role of 007 still think Sean Connery above all.....the character, the personality......know what says bond, james bond like he doe's and its weird because I have seen most of the recent bond movies before I saw one with Sean Connery in it and still think he is levels after Daniel Craig in the role.....everyone to there own I suppose


I thought this was meant to be a man’s website! There should be pictures of Bond girls’ not Bond in his togs! Anyway I think Sean Connery has to be the best James Bond. The bits of humour he delivered so well make him the greatest in my books.


...Just adding a picture of a Man to a Man's website....As I am a moonlighting woman from a woman's magazine...Hope you enjoyed the pic....LOL


No question about it, Sean Connery. Who else do you know has a Poss and Sophisticated voice. "The name is Bond, James Bond". “Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.”


Sean Connery - that accent just rocks it!


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