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wendys bacon and mushroom melt

We so lucky wendys has brought back the bacon mushroom melt. If you have not tryed this get one truely melts in your mouth so yummy for your tummy. Thanks wendys yummy. :-D


This burger is sooo yummy......Glad they have brought it back for all of us cheesy mushroom lovers topped off with smokey manuka bacon.....sooo mouth watering.....i know what im having for lunch today.......


Delish burger but sometimes the mushrooms are over powering. I love all Wendy's burgers esp bacon ones :)


I haven't tried a single wendy's burger. What would the frank community recommend as a first wendy's experience?


All of us love Wendys, I wish there was one closer to me in Rodney. I think the only one is in Whangaparaoa.


Really yummy burger has to be one of my favs at Wendy's fills you up that's for sure


yum must eat must eat lol this is an old favourite of mine hell what am I saying all of Wendys is my favourite.


Thanks for the review,I have yet to try Wendy's,but am keen,especially this one sounds delicious


I haven't tried this one either but anything with mushrooms on it has got to be good. Will try on my next trip to Rororua, don't have a wendys in New Plymouth


tried this burger and it's the best if you are a fan of mushrooms you will enjoy.

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