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Valentines Day?

Who of you celebrate Valentines Day?...Any Die hard Romantics out there?.Or do you think it's just a commercial Ploy?

Only good if you think you can score!

Did you score then...?


we do. married a long time and well, we dont do anything commercial just leave notes and flowers , and just enjoy the day, we have valentines day any time ,but it feels more special on the day


....we definitely love to celebrate Valentines Day, though we try our best everyday to do little things to show each other how much we care....yeah I know how soppy.....lol o well I am going to enjoy it as much as possible regardless and hope if you have a significant other you do to.....

.... Shockingly I just donate a card....and sometime flowers..Depends if I am in the good books or not..!!


Nope, never really have. My ex used to buy me a big heart shaped box of (cheap) chocolates which I hated (didn't tell him) because I never eat cheap chocolate (would rather have one nice one than a whole (heart shaped) box of crappy American ones) and because I was a model and really a box of chocolates wasn't the most thoughtful gift. I did, however, buy soap for my Mum this year. She really likes fancy soaps, and her husband died a few months ago (though he didn't do valentines day) so I got her this http://www.grabone.co.nz/auckland/ilovesoap-1 Still a few hours left to grab that one.....


Here's something which isn't 2 cents worth that i thought i'd add... my wife keeps telling me romance=sex and i keep telling her sex=romance. maybe this year i might surprise her with some ill fitting non returnable lingerie...bound to get some...lol



tend to not bother girl in denmark at mo so even better reason to not bother!

Cheap Valentines...Me like!!


tend to not bother girl in denmark at mo so even better reason to not bother!

You know, a little more punctuation would do your posts a world of good, Jabes.


punctuation is for the real world not the internet!

Bollocks. Punctuation is for any written communication when you are actually trying to get a message across. If you don't care if people understand then, okay, don't use it, but then you may as well write your words in a random order, too, because sometimes it makes as much sense. It's also polite. I don't want to make someone read my messages several times just to understand what I'm saying, it's frustrating, and you lose a lot of the impact.



Commercial Ploy! I know my partner, all she will want, like me, is a happy day where we are nice to each other.


Kinda do it - favorite dinners, homemade stuff, etc


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