Discussing :: Tocuh phones - Suave or Geek gadget?


Tocuh phones - Suave or Geek gadget?

Mobile phones have for a long time been a fashion statement for most – always wanting the latest release. Even when there is absolutely nothing wrong with their current phone - you know the ones. But are the new touch phones just for them. No! where there are gadgets there are geeks. So are the “fashionable” releasing the inner geek. Or are the “ geek” becoming more fashionable. Who cares right, everyone want to be a rockstar anyway! But not everyone wants a touch phone.


I would have to say suave,,,no wait..geek,,,no wait ...oh...its probably embarassing that a phone has now become way more intelligent (and better looking) than me....or is it that I have just become dumber and uglier...no wait...don't answer that.....let it ring....step...away...from...the...phone.....


interesting fact the computers that took us to the moon were less powerful than your average cellphone now actually my dads first computer is so much worse than my phone is haha! in fact my first computer is less powerful than my phone


...smart phones are becoming the in thing lately...though I read an article today about the amount of SIMS in iphone 4S failing all over the word regardless of carrier....more and more companies are looking more at portable devices and providing everything via cloud computing.....IMHO all smart phones or gadgets are Suave Geek gadgets because Geeks are usually the creators of these devices at least on the application and operating system side of it and most new found sleek new released gadgets are definitely Suave and most consumers can't wait to get the new big thing....and then in about 6 months or a year they will be obsolete and the next generation of gadgets will be available I am just excited to see where they go from here.....


I don't think you see that many geeks with touch phones. It's just generally people who need it for work, or kids, or others who have money to spend. It's possible that a type of touch screen phone is a geek phone though I'm trying to work out which one it is.

I don't know a geek without a touch phone. And I know a lot of geeks...

...the geeks don't have touch phones, why would they, they are busy raking in the money from developing smart phone apps to sell to consumers....lol


So what about women with touch phones? Are they geeks or 'suave' or something else altogether?


People who chase the latest new phone are just blowing good money away. You them in restaurants and clubs with the latest shiny new phone, holding it up high for everyone to see “hey everyone look at me”. Is the back-light on these new phones bad or is this some form of mating ritual. You think l'm joking take notice next time you are out. True geeks are home developing new software and counting the money in their bank.

very true. i think i had that in mind when i started this discussion. "always wanting the latest release. Even when there is absolutely nothing wrong with their current phone - you know the ones"
But do we say the same thing about cars? We are such a wasteful society - just my opinion.


i dont usually buy a new phone till i need one but then when i do i tend to geek out a little, wouldnt have got a new phone if i hadnt won one this time round but my old one is starting to go on the fritz


i think they're really a fashion item for a lot of people. it gets really silly when people start taking tablets out and taking photos of their friends. don't see too many geeks doing this as their 80's levis won't store a tablet.


mobile phone is a fashion statement??!? i don't think i've heard that one before... ive just recently bought my first ever smart phone but it was pretty basic.. i gotta say it didnt make me feel any more fashionable nor geekier... although one of the first apps i've downloaded was Angry Birds so perhaps it did make me geekier in the end...


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