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I think this depends on the shirt, some are made to be tucked in and others not. If you try to tuck one in that's a bit shorter and not meant to be tucked it will keep coming out anyways, and if you don't tuck a longer one in that's meant to be you look like your about to do some painting.


well when i was young it was always tucked in look, i much prefer the untucked look these days, however maybe for a special event like a wedding, the tuck look is better, it is down to what you prefer, but one has to move with the times and do what most are doing, last time i looked it was still untucked, but that could have changed as fashion changes as quick as one changes their underwear.
I also think untucked is better if you are overweight,nothing worse than the tucked look and the big belly showing,and it must be much cooler that way in the summer as well


I only tuck when it's semi-engorged. Usually my undies are enough to hold it otherwise. If you do get a semi-lover in a place you'd rather not be seen with one, tucking is a pretty good technique. Just make sure no one sees you tuck as this can be misconstrued as quite rude. And possibly unhygienic.


Best to go with what your wife or woman suggests.


i prefer a guy with untucked shirt gone are those days where every man had to have his shirt tucked in..... obviously fr special occasions like wedding/funeral i wouldnt mind a shirt tucked in - but then i am a very casual person myself.... just my opinion

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