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To list or not to list...

We are currently looking to sell our house in Waterview, Auckland as have purchased elsewhere and are debating whether to list with an agent or not. They are knocking on the doors to get the listing and i guess that supports the old adage that they 'make their money when they get the listing, not when they sell the property' However, I am struggling with the fees they charge. Upfront advertising costs, costs to stage the house and then commission on the sale - probably circa $30k. I am not trying to discount their job but 20 years ago the commission rates were relatively unchanged, house prices were a quarter what they are today (in auckland) and houses were harder to sell so they earnt their money back then. Their was also a lack of the Internet as a medium that many buyers have easy access to nowadays and sellers alike. I would also think that due to this the agents job historically was working a database of clients that they could fit into a particular house - now looking at open homes most people are there on their own accord - not through an agents introduction. So what do we do - list with someone (and if yes who?) or put a couple of ads up on internet sites, run a couple of open homes and have an auctioner friend run an onsite auction (he charges $500 flat fee...)


Do a private sale, list on trademe & save some $$$ - buck the trend and dont do an auction


With such a popular location and a hot market enlist in a good lawyer and have a go selling the property yourself. You might find you have never made an easier $30,000.


Save $$$$ and list yourselve! We sold privately and would do it again. Make sure you have a good lawyer that can help you.


With the market the way it is I would sell it privately - why give the agent so much commission when in this market they don't have to do anything!!!


Definetely list it privately!


As above, give the agents a miss...most of them only care about one person and it ain't you. As others have said, there are some good alternative options to do it yourself, and if they are already bangin' on your door then that it probably a sign that it won't be tough to sell...just make sure you have a good lawyer to steer you through some of the perils and pitfalls...


I don't own a house so don't have this delightful problem. Anecdotally I have heard that some agents here in Wellywood are doing sod all work and relying on peoples desperation in trying to get a foothold on the property ladder to sell scarce housing stock (there's only so much space - they are not making any more land) Agents self serving behaviour has been noted and they have been named & shamed in our pub social get togethers. Our social group has sold more than a dozen properties and none were listed with agents who demonstrated selfishness. Good ole word of mouth.


If you are going to sell it yourself you need to get familiar with property law and make sure that you know what you're doing - you don't want the purchasers coming back to you after the sale or any problems with deposits and contracts.


I'd do a private sale, definitley save on $$!


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