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To be or not to be?......

...A gentleman. Is is still worth making the effort to hold open a door for a lady, give up your train seat, tip your hat? Or does this behaviour belong in the past?


Progressive generations do this less and less. To where my generation rarely do it at all. However my Dad instilled old fashoned courtesy into me so I do the above. He also taught me to look people in the eye with a firm handshake. It doesn't sound like much but it has made a huge difference to how people react to me.


A friend works in a bank and commented that it is actually the young men that are more respectful, saying thank you and please and often letting others go first in line. She said it is often the oldies that are rude and don't listen to the explanations to their complaints.

I have noticed this in similar situations. It seems like some elderly people feel some sense of entitlement comes with their advanced age. I always try to make an effort to be polite, except sometimes to the crabby oldies!


This behaviour definitely does NOT belong in the past. From a woman's point of view there is nothing worse than a man pushing past to get through the door first, except perhaps if he then doesn't even bother to hold it open for me. It's not just courtesy, it's also a way for people to exist harmoniously, someone has to go through the door first, if we have socially accepted ways of deciding this it makes it easier for everyone.


it is sad that this behaviour is becoming a thing of the past, however it does still exist and i for one love it when a man is a gentlemen and opens the door for me, however i think it works both ways, i would hold the door open for a man, the elderly, the disabled, a child, whoever really, so i dont see why we cant all just be polite and caring towards others.


up to you really - It all comes from deep inside of you, what are your Morals? your Drives? your Goals? do you want to be the best YOU can be? well if the answers are yes!... then a little common courtesy, to go out of your way for someone else or to simply notice that a FELLOW HUMAN actually exists and you open the door for yourself but step back and hold that door for anyone who might be following, then say to them as they walk through with a smile "There you go". Something so simple and easy to do at least twice a day, takes less than a minute but to that person that YOU open that door for.... well who knows you might just make them feel better about themselves than you would, have you walked through that door in front of them, with the door closing on their face.


Women love it... so if you love women it is always worth it :)


The Gentleman in me has been affected by "a feminist bitch who wants to take revenge on men" and "I'm going to use and abuse for whatever I can get out of men" (all words in quotes are her words) so the healthy dose of cynicism I've experienced has scarred me for life such that I pick and choose when I do good deeds and not always as previously. I'm not perfect so I try to treat people as I'd like to be treated myself.

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