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To Bant or not to Bant?

Would James Bond go for a Low Carb High Fat diet or not? Seems there's a lot of evidence out there now that a lot of sportsmen are getting into the whole Banting lifestyle as they feel it enhances their performance. It takes a bit of doing to get your head around eating fat and losing the carbs but it seems to work. Wonder how long JB could go during a night purely on a fat shake as opposed to his usual martini - shaken not stirred.


James Bond has always had the bond babes to keep him shape


I must confess fat tastes good to me; my belly is evidence of that. I do wonder whether banting is good for long term health and wellbeing. I am trying an everything in moderation diet though a fail happening with indulgences winning


Too much fat can lead to other health problems - like gallstones. Better to cut down on fat and increase fibre in your diet.


I would give up fat altogether if it didn't include bacon! :)


How on earth is your body going to turn fibre into energy?? Some people talk without thinking. We process carbs into energy but this is a relativly new thing, think 70 years. Prior to that humans generally existed on a high fat low carb diet. If you train your body to process fats into energy instead of carbs you are onto a winner. You dont have to eat so much because the fats have higher energy mass and your body will process your body fat for energy when running low. The key is to not overeat as per with anything. I live the LCHF diet and it seems to work. It helps my diabettes massively.


I found it hard to lose fat prior to decreasing my carb intake, the food pyramid I had been taught set me up for disaster.

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