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Tip for a Xmas present

...for your young niece to annoy the crap out of your brother whose's house you are going to for Xmas lunch. Justin Bieber Xmas album "Under the Mistletoe" which is only $19.95 at JB-HiFi. Bargain. ***Please note that I wore a false Moustache, Wig and glasses, and I'm not going back in the shop just incase a staff member recognises me*** when I brought this CD. Now before you start going on how you can buy a Bieber CD! just remember how pissed off you brother will get listening to him all summer long! Sadly no Snoopy's Christmas or Last Christmas (by Wham) to seal the deal but I'm sure the songs will grate him after just 1 listen . 1. "Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas" 2. "Mistletoe" 3. "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)" (featuring Usher) 4. "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" 5. "Fa La La" (featuring Boyz II Men) 6. "All I Want for Christmas Is You (SuperFestive!)" (duet with Mariah Carey) 7. "Drummer Boy" (featuring Busta Rhymes) 8. "Christmas Eve" 9. "All I Want Is You" Justin Bieber, Brandon Hamilton Bieber 3:36 10. "Home This Christmas" (featuring The Band Perry)11. "Silent Night" Christmas the Joy of Giving!


that's the true christmas spirit.... i'm trying to find the loudest most repetitive kids toy to repay in kind for my dear brother. who generously gave one of these to my eldest last year. i also believe in sharing of joy that will last as long as the batteries....haha


What a great idea!!! I too can piss my sister off by buying her teenage daughter this CD. Even better she lives in Brisbane so I won't have the pleasure to listen to any of it. I bet though I'll her my sister screaming from there. Pa rum pum pum pum, Pa rum pum pum pum!!!!!!!!!!!


You need to buy a woman jewellery, and for a niece Bling Jewellery works just as well as long as it sparkles.


take win and kfc.. you'll always win...lol

...KFC....what a charmer!!!...lol


Definitely jewellery to win a woman’s heart


Ugh - for the most part guys are terrible at picking jewelry, though for young girls it is easier... But for annoyance factor I recommend a musical instrument. A whistle like cheerleaders use would be great. And no batteries to go flat!


...most men are predictably terrible at picking any kind of prezzies let alone the Christmas kind...they usually end up getting something that you totally never wanted or don't know what to do with....lol...but I'd have to say that my siblings like pissing each other off too....lol my sister bought my nephew (my brothers boy) a trumpet for Xmas last year because he is all about the music...but my brother did one better and bought an amp for my other nephew (my sisters boy) to go with his electric guitar as he likes music too...lol the rest of my siblings and I had a little chuckle when we saw the gifts...hahaha...can only imagine what is going to be revealed this year!....


What about a book voucher, at lot of young girls/ladies are into reading novel series. Pretty safe bet.


Find out what she wants, but subtly (mmmmm, maybe you should have been listening). Don't go overboard, wrap it up nicely and try to slide in a quick hug as you give it to her. If you want to get a woman a gift don't chicken out, even if she doesn't like the gift she will love the thought. So get out there and start searching, not many weeks left.

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