Discussing :: The vanishing tie?


I reckon the tie should be saved for special occasions - not just everyday wear. It we get flashed up everyday, then what is there to look extra-special on an extra-special occasion? Plus why be uncomfortable at work - the place where you have to spend 40+ hours per week of your life!


A smart suit (and shirt) just doesn't look the same without the final flourish of a good tie. Yes, they constrain the neck, they are uncomfortable in summer, and they are vulnerable when you are eating soup, but let's face it, they look professional and suave.


I wear a tie most days to work.This is because I tend to have a lot of business meetings.I really think you look neat and tidy wearing a tie and it complements a suit so well.


I can't even wear a turtleneck-I feel like I'm being strangled. (Maybe I was hung by a noose till dead in a previous life) I'd wear one if I had to but couldn't wait to loosen it at first opportunity. I don't have to wear one for my job and feel sorry for those who do.


I recently moved jobs and had to start wearing a tie again after a long stint without one. But.... the misses loves it so that's good enough for me :)


the only time I ever wear a tie is to a wedding, or funeral.


Have to agree with the anti-tie brigade - they're an anachronism that's time has come and passed...not sorry to see them go at all...


why have a tie? it is the most bacteria ridden thing in any hospital


Very true. I see ties much less these days - maybe after the GFC men are getting less serious...


i have to agree i love a man wearing a tie, there are so many decorative ones to choose from these days, even my hubbys work abandoned the tie last year, which was a shame, i think men look well dressed when wearing a tie, looks like its only for weddings and funerals these days, if that, yep i say BRING BACK THE TIE, and to those gentlemen who say they are uncomfortable to wear, i say try wearing a bra and then you just might change your mind


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