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The vanishing tie?

Seems to me that men are wearing ties less and less I miss them. Ties are like flowers in a vase - a splash of vibrancy and personality bringing life to an otherwise forgettable outfit. Face it, office gear - shirts and trousers - are mostly downright conservative when it comes to colours and patterns. Women dress up in all sorts of uncomfortable gear to show their stuff so why not the boys? Are ties any more uncomfortable than bras or platform shoes? Surely it's not just laziness!


Don't think ties can make life more interesting? Take a look:


That's a rad tie! I could unbutton my shioirt to a similar effect haha


I haven't worn a tie in so long that I can hardly tie them anymore. A nice tie can look pretty suave. I'm not so sure about the picture above though.


A tie can be very restricting around the neck, and if you loosen it off it looks unprofessional. I can see why many go without one these days. I prefer a plain tie rather than a patterned one if I wear one.


It's always the finishing touches - pocket square, tie and tie clip that make guys really snappy dressers. I wear jeans and a shirt to work now and love not having to wear a tie - but it's good for special occasions.


A tie is the finishing touch to a sharp dressed mans wardrobe.


Ties are a stupid waste of time accessory that serve no real purpose like wearing a scalf to keep warm or gloves. The few times I've had to wear one I feel like I'm being strangled by other peoples expectations about how I should dress, and can't wait to rip it off.


This topic brings up competing emotions for me. On one hand the song lyric "every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man" by ZZ Top gives a good vibe; and on the other hand the discomfort about having a leash around the neck that other people can pull on when they are giving you shit.


I miss the tie, it use to be everywhere you looked not so long ago, now, you have to look twice if you see one just to make sure you have seen correctly. I do miss them, they do liven up an outfit. We have someone at work that wears one every Wednesday just to have a bit of a change up and it looks great (-: PS, love the pic Wice, it's a very cool tie (-:

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