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The smell of winter

What is your winter fragrance? Why do you wear it? I went shopping recently for a couple new fragrances for winter. After much research i decided on Man 2 by comme des garcons. With base notes of leather, incense and mahogany it is the perfect scent for Winter. It's quite woody and dark which suits me. Also looked into getting black afgano by Nasomatto. This is more of a boutique fragrance and quite hard to find in stores in NZ.


well i have two that i favour during the winter months, i love my White musk,actually any time of the year really, but mostly in winter i wear elizabeth arden RED DOOR.its their signature range and i have made it mine as well


I love that wet damp smell of fresh rain during winter and that cool sharp breeze when it has been snowing.That earthy damp smell is so nice. I love the smell of damp wood and bark. The smell of a open fire burning is great!


I think my fragrance of the last 10 years has been Lynx Africa! I do have some cologne but that usualy just gets used when I'm going out.


the smell of winter, the burning of dry mac firewood and smoke from the wet stuff. burning of coal in the clear clean air. A big pot of vegetable soup simmering away on the stove, or any home made soup. Fresh bread in the oven.


smell of winter is that comforting fire place smell, and freezing morning air smell. Always love to have the fire going


I learnt all too late the effect a cologne can have on the fairer sex. I used to dismiss it a being 'gay' but I've seen how it can attract the opposite sex. In fact the cologne 'Karate' used to come with self defence instructions. Haha hard case!


i brought my partner a pack of five sample size bottles of armani cologne. he went through each and it was 'no, no, no, ok, no'. my response - you may not appreciate them but believe me, they work!!! mmmm he smelt goooooood...


Winter has the smell of fireplaces and roast meals in the oven...


Me l prefer different smells, winters frost, a wood fire burning and hot chocolate, classics


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