Discussing :: The pants down issue...


I think the pants down issue is so unattractive - guys need a new fashion trend to follow, this one is boring and OTT!


Its not that I mind viewing a crack or two - but the baggy crotch - the leg hems dragging on the ground? Nuhhhhh very UNsexy!!


It's not the low waste line that annoys me, it's the crotch hanging at the knees, it just looks ridiculous! Seriously, who looks in the mirror and thinks, that looks good!?


The oversize pants thing started when you were trying to get the baggiest pants possible, hip hop influence on skateboarding there,,from the hand me down look, which meant the biggest waist (as pants werený made baggy until a bit later in the early 90s... we wore up to size 44" (when I was a 30-32) but we always tried to keep them up as if they slipped down you couldn't ollie high... they always slipped a bit though... I look at pics of me back then & feel slightly embarrassed... been wearing tight jeans since 2001/2002? :)


If ever you want to know if your pants were too low take a look at this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eZSKen1Vgc I bet his pants are up around his armpits now!


Yeah you never want to get caught short especially if you are at the gym.


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