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I'm getting a belt as soon as possible.


The low riding jeans is awful and if its used with a loose belt, That just shows how stupid the youth of today are. There is no amount of logic that can be used in an argument for this look to be fashionable... Its lazy and not practical in the slightest. Here is a scenario.. Walking down the street with my jeans rocked low down below my ass, I'm Actually waddling bow legged because i dont want my pants to sag any lower. A vicious rottweiler see's me from the back of a ute and bounces out after me. I start to run while holding up my jeans with one hand, they still sagging round my knees as the barking rottie gets ever so closer... Whats the outcome.?


wearing your pants like that originated from prisons - showing your availability if you know what I mean!!!!!! that would stop any guy wearing them like that if they knew what it actually meant!


It's wrong at any age. Why someone wants to go around with their arse hanging out is beyond me - worse when their boxers are not exactly clean! Put it away!


Haha - people are so opinionated about this. Not many think it's a positive thing though. Have any of you tried it? I did today, it actually feels kind of sexy in a strange sort of way. Though, it looked pretty bad when i did it, I have to admit.


Have some pride in your appearance and be cool and not have your pants down your arse like a dick


Seen a few females wearing low down pants too. But on them the view was ....lets say positive.


I just do not get it! What is hot about the look? It is scruffy and looks lazy. Nothing hot about it


Funniest part is the belt.. used to keep the pants at the "just about to fall down.. but not" position.


Some people think its "cool" only some guys can actually pull it off. Ha, that's if they don't fall down first.

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