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The pants down issue...

Okay, I know one guy, almost 30, who wears his pants belted below his butt. (The 'to tuck or not to tuck' thread got me thinking about this because he seriously could not tuck if he wanted to) I admit it's pretty sexy on him... But, at what age does this become uncool? Can some people just keep doing this and get away with it?


It's definitely a fashion crime that looks (not to mention feels) awful... nobody over the age of 18 should even attempt to wear their pants in that way.


I think it looks uncool on everyone...especially girls.


I just don't see the point.. why bother with pants at all? It's as useless a fashion fad as a meat dress and will never last. Not like the legwarmers I'm still rocking!


Wait, what? Lowriding/builders crack? How is this sexy?


Haha - I'm surprised that absolutely no one thinks this is in any way acceptable let alone sexy. Also surprised that people still do it if this is the general consensus.

Found an interesting fact, show your partner this (or find it online) and l think you have the problem solved. Even if its bull it might work, lol.
The trend of wearing low pants was born in the USA jails. Prisoners who were willing to have sex with other prisoners needed to invent a signal that went unnoticed by the guards, so they wouldn’t suffer consequences. By partially showing their butts they were showing they were willing.


Yeah, I've heard that too. I've also heard it started in the ghettos where kids wore their brothers hand me downs, and the bigger and baggier the pants, the bigger the brother, so the less likely you'd be to mess with the kid with the baggiest of pants. And that kind of makes more sense to me.


I think the "low rider" style phase should stay in the 90's theres nothing wrong with baggish jeans or pants with a belt but the arse hanging out and unless u got flash boxers your showing off i think its a no go. Especially round that age. Also, another thing i heard around this trend was around poverty where kids in poor area would get hand me down clothes from other siblings thus they would not fit. This also fueld the big baggy shirts of the early hip hop era.


Okay, next time I get the chance I'm going to take a photo of his ass. Mind you, GetFrank might not be the place to get an unbiased opinion on how a guys butt looks... :)


When you see the "Pants Down" look on any guy it means they're Homosexual. This terrible fashion trend started from prisons, the inmate who was ready for some male to male sexual activity would show he was ready by wearing his uniform with the "Pants down" look. I personally think it looks terrible and it makes me laugh when i see any guy wearing his pants around his knees.

Yeah, this just isn't true. I know many straight guys who wear their pants like this...

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