Discussing :: The NZ Dollar slide, winners and losers.


The NZ Dollar slide, winners and losers.

We have enjoyed for sometime a high New Zealand dollar. Its meant we have had good buying power but now the pressure in on as US recovery starts to gain momentum. What will it bring for us? Are we headed for harder times still? Will it mean dearer fuel but cheaper milk?


Who cares about milk... our economy needs to go horticulture & less based on exploiting annimals


The oil moguls just need to think the dollar sneezed to have an excuse to put the price of petrol up. We probably haven't even received a shipment that we've had to pay for with the weaker dollar, but they put the prices up quick smart.


I buy a lot of stuff online from the States and while it's nowhere near as bad as it once was, it's definitely starting to have a bit of an effect on the ol' bank account now.


I hope it continues to drop, its been overvalued for far too long, as an exporting country we really need a lower exchange.


I often buy thing from overseas and the exchange rate is really great at the moment if the dollar goes down too much I might have to stop


We've got to get our dollar down as at the moment it's being over inflated buy overseas investors.All very well for them to be making a great profit at our expense but they're not trying to live here.New Zealand is a great country to live in but soon it will be for the wealthy only.


Bring back Rob Muldoon and compulsory devaluation!! Bugger 'market forces...


We've enjoyed a prolonged period of a strong Kiwi dollar, although the party may be over soon. It's not particularly helpful for our economy, but it does make those lovely imports all the more tempting. Items like books, CDs and electronics are heaps cheaper when imported, but the message should be 'get it while you can'.

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