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The 10 worst fashion crimes (according to stuff)

According to Stuff (so it must be true) here is a list of the 10 worst male fashion crimes. And I must say I'm guilty of NONE of them!!! Also it was great to see Jeans and Sneakers wasn't on the list because I'm a huge fan. So here are the list of so called fashion faux pas and my comments on why this proud Hutt Vally bogan doesn't commit this fashion crime. 1. TIES WITH CASUAL WEAR: No collars on my collection of rock shirts or Hurricanes jersey to bust a tie. 2. AGE-INAPPROPRIATE SUNGLASSES: Black wraparounds sunnies are timeless 3. SOCK CRIMES: I leave the god shoes for the tree huggers to wear 4. PUSHING THE DAPPER LOOK TOO FAR: Bow ties are for nerds 5. JEANS TOO TIGHT: My package isn't big enough for everybody to see it (if it was I'd be wearing skin tight jeans) 6. WEARING GLASSES TO MAKE YOU LOOK SMARTER: Being brainy means that people will ask you lot & lots of questions and for advice. 7. FABRIC BELTS: would make my ACDC belt buckle look crap 8. DRESS SHIRTS WITH STREETWEAR PRINTS: I only own one going out shirt. It's a steinlarger AB's polo shirt.(chicks love it hehehehe) 9. SUIT JACKETS AND JEANS: The only time I wear a suit is when I go to court! 10. DRESSING LIKE A PIRATE: Russel Brand is a twat. What fashion crimes are you guilty of?


Im going to say when people are out late at night in bars and clubs...wearing sunglasses. i mean come on, where is the sun? its 1am on sunday morning? either wearing them over your eyes or on top of your head, you still look like a complete utter moron. my friends and i discussed this and they feel the confusion and disgust in this 'fashion statement'. any one else share to comment? hopefully im not the onyl one


Y FRONTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Speedos... really if you wear them you should look at changing your friends!!


I'm guilty of 8. DRESS SHIRTS WITH STREETWEAR PRINTS...I thought the dragon and cobra print was mean as! I think wearing Energy Drink tshirts or caps is a crime (unless you are a hot promo girl)


I love the 'dressing like a pirate' i guess there's an exception if you are a children's entertainer! bow ties are truly a crime against nature and fashion. especially if they match suspenders (had a medical specialist rocking lemon and later tomato ones - I didn't trust him one bit) or vests (uni lecturer - nuff said)!


Do t-shirts with a collar and tie print count because I've always thought they look pretty silly.


Over in Aussie at the moment, I noticed the fashion for guys is coloured rolled up at the cuff, slightly too short pants with canvas shoes and no socks. Looks a bit poncy if you ask me, maybe a bit feminine.

Is that the look that Thomas off My Kitchen Rules always sports? He looks like a total ponce and he's a total cock head to boot. So that look is not restricted to one man. Oh Dear.


Some Thoughts... 1.TIES WITH CASUAL WEAR: This sounds like the kind of shit Justin Bebier would try to do and what was the last credible thing he ever did? 2. AGE-INAPPROPRIATE SUNGLASSES: "Black wraparounds sunnies are timeless" writes Gazza, as too are Aviators (preferably worn with handle bar moustaches) 3. SOCK CRIMES: Lack of bespeaks of homelessness, too much... your fifth form Geography teacher wearing shorts. 4. PUSHING THE DAPPER LOOK TOO FAR: "Bow ties are for nerds" ...and those gentlemen whom prefer an ...alternative sexual lifestyle. Not judging, just saying :) 5. JEANS TOO TIGHT: I was guilty of this one, until i squated down to pick my son up and split them spectacularly. Moral of the story: Fan men should stick to fat jeans 6. WEARING GLASSES TO MAKE YOU LOOK SMARTER: Or to make you look like a hipster douche, which is the more likely probability. 7. FABRIC BELTS: There's a comfort in knowing a cow died so my pants won't fall down, It reassserts one's belief in ones place on the food chain. Fabric belts smacks of vegetarian tomfoolery 8. DRESS SHIRTS WITH STREETWEAR PRINTS: Men who wear these should let their women buys there clothing, and if their ladies were the driving force behind such a purchase... Get a new girlfriend 9. SUIT JACKETS AND JEANS: Hark, the uniform of the 50+ professional out for a few drinks on the town. Don't get pidgeon holed 10. DRESSING LIKE A PIRATE: There is a time and place for everything and for Pirate dress it was the 80's and the New Romantic trend... or the 1600's carribbean -Sunglasses in nightclub = fucktardery of the highest order. You are not Kayne West, you are a foolish looking nob... only exception to the rule is if you're blind. -Y fronts: ....no -Speedo's: unless you are a competitive swimmer with the physique to match, it's boardies for you all the way. -Energy Drink T's and Caps: Makes you look like a clone. be original And lastly my fashion crime is wearing brown Dad shoes with Jeans to work on Causual Friday. My Partner tells me that it ages me prematurely.


T. shirts tucked in just does not look good sports shoes with dress clothes

Funny how we all used to wear t-shirts tucked in. I wouldn't dream of it now :/

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