Discussing :: Tee shirts to shirts, Whens it time to change?


Tee shirts to shirts, Whens it time to change?

I have recently decided its time to change up my wardrobe and get rid of most of my tee shirts, and get some new short sleeve shirts. I was wondering when people thought age wise it was time to change it up from tee shirts to shirts? is it a maturity thing? or is it still cool to rock the tee shirt in the 30's and 40's?


I vote for t-shirts under shirts. Totally hot. Shirts undone though.


In my opinion business shirts are better to get natural and stylish look as they also add a charming and hansom personality to the body physique and color.


Always wear T-Shirts around the house, but now find l'm starting to wear collar shirts these days when going out. The age thing doesn't worry me l don't care what people think, it's more about keeping covered from the sun.


Hey, nothing wrong with wearing a t-shirt. Dress shirts are fine but sometimes you do feel overdressed. I used to wear them casually around town... but being in a smallish city I tended to get too many looks. Most people like to wear simple clothes and anything more can be too much sometimes. I don't think age has anything to do with it.


...I think what makes you feel good is best....of course dependant on the environment too....but I always make sure I wear what I like but in its appropriate setting.....age has nothing to do with it....confidence is best IMO


Agree with DeeDee somewhat - what you wear confidently is better, but sometimes to change you go through a flying duck dive swim rahrah to make it better.

In my opinion:

T-shirts are fine as long as it's not figure tight and showing off some excess fat ;).

Shirts are good for smart-casual attire or having that polished look. Can come across as a snob in some settings (cue beach environment). Depends on your mates and social crowd. I think most groups of friends have similar styles, so if you go by that standard, you can't go too wrong.


no age - just what ever you feel good in. I think tshirts show a certain relaxed attitude which i find appealing - but dress shirts for formal (but maybe with a sneaky tshirt underneath to show ' im dressed up but im still me'!).


If you lived in Aussie you would be very wise to wear a Pollo Shirt for sun protection, NZ's just as bad in mid summer. Save the Tees for indoors.


I like t-shirts, I feel comfortable in them, they are my shirt of choice, of course I have nice dress shirts when the occasion demands it.

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