Discussing :: Sushi!! What's the best quality, best deals you guys have found for sushi?


Sushi!! What's the best quality, best deals you guys have found for sushi?

Living in Wellington, the best deal I've found is after 4pm at sushi B where everything is half price, lots of sushi places do this but with Sushi B it's never the stuff that's been sitting around all day. Any other budget-saving deals out there?


The only sushi i really like is one in my local mall. good price and tastes delicious and not dry like other ones


We have tons of Sushi bars inb Tauranga, fave is freshly made at Takara restaurant though!


Newmarket sushi bar, or other than that nothing beats homemade sushi with all the ingredients lovingly added by me!


i've alwyas had great service & great tasting food from St Pierre's


Lucky it's a fav of my partners so she makes it at home quite a lot. Over xmas we use fresh raw fish (kingfish) and you can't get any fresher than catching it yourself. We went to Wellington and had some great sushi after 4pm 1/2 price. Checked the place that Humbug suggested (Sushi B) and yes it was the same place on Willis Street so check it out! Impressive selection.


I haven't tried the sushi available here in NZ, but I ate plenty while on a trip to Japan. I'm not a fan of the caviare placed in the centre of the sushi or the baby octopus placed on top. Haha, try chewing on that! Don't think they do that here. I do like a nice piece of authentic sushi though... a shame that the wasabi you get in NZ is not authentic - much hotter and more flavoursome in Japan.


Don't really eat much sushi anymore, when I did thought it was always the one in my local mall. Don't think its a chain store just a one off. Theres a St pierres in the mall now too but its pretty nasty compared to the other one.


St. Pierres has the sushi of the day for $5.40. Different one everyday though. I like Fridays as it's salmon. Smart Sushi makes the best smoked salmon onigiri for $3.40. But thats up here in Aucks.

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